Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our farm table  on the balcony, was always loaded with the freshest fruits and food available. We had a woman  make us breakfast  and dinner whenever we were home. She  made squash bloosoms and new potatoes sauteed in sunflower oil. That's the only oil  I  like  to cook with now. It turns everything golden, and is very light. We also had  pasta bolognese, and she even made us coffee gelato.  And, of course we drank bottles of Chianti for every course. Ok, maybe not breakfast.

This is the view from my second floor window. I looked down onto another farmhouse in the valley.
Look at the rows of vines. Glorious!


  1. holy camoly........that is unbelievable!!! what a view!!
    my old farm table looks out onto a prairie and cornfields.....I love them......but c'mon...a vineyard?
    DustyLu talked about you today in her post, and this post totally caught my eye!
    Keep up the great journal!!
    xo + blessings,
    Anne Marie

  2. Thank you Anne Marie, I'm going to look on your blog for those cornfields and prairie!