Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guess what I was doing, yesterday?

It took all day to redo both booths.  I'm happy  with the outcome.
My husband and I put up a scaffold with boards. I love this. It's great for displays. It's on wheels and  can be moved  anywhere.
A close up.
The base of this table is  a contractor's table base. It can be folded up and stored anywhere.
Well, I still have a the trailer, but  I like it,  so  it doesn't bother me.
I  used these shutters for shelves in the other booth, but took them down to put in here.
The hat box is  from Bullock's. My all time favorite department store.

Agoura Hills Patch interview.

How to Find Your Personal Style    Jessica Hagy, the sweetest young woman I've met in a while, is a free lance writer  for the  website Agoura Hills Patch,  featuring the goings on in Agoura Hills, Ca., where I rent space  at the Agoura Antitque Mart. She  like my booths and asked to interview me. I was thrilled. I've never been interviewed for anything,  but a job here and there. So anyway,  here it is.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is it spring yet?

It seems that, last week, felt  more like spring  than this. It's been raining and cold, and I've been feeling crumby. I need some of that good old  California sunshine, now!!!  I hear it's going to be a nicer week coming up, and I can't wait. Anyway, here are some of last week's meanderings around the garden. I stood stalk still hoping the butterfly would land on me. He/she kept flying around me but it didn't.   

Forgotten books are not forgotten...

I got these journals because I love books. These  unlined journals are made with  old book covers  retired from  libraries and schools.  I ordered  children's , mysteries, travel, and fiction, book covers. I think this is recycling at it's best.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Designer coffee table

I just bought this glass coffee table for the booth. It has 3 glass wheels that swivel. I wish I had room for it in my house. Oh well, let's hope it can find a good home!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Our Kitty

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My walls are green, but it seems that  the kitty's whiskers  relay the sentiments of the day! Have  a green ale on me!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A nest in the ruins.

My father in law cut this nest out of his  front yard tree. He gave it to me, and since I have  such a small house, I took it to the anique mart.  I knew we could do something with it.   Those ae marble eggs. And, don't worry, the birdies  have flown, so the nest was empty for almost a year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These strawberries are real, honest...

they were delicious!
 I took a picture of these strawberries with my Iphone, and  they came out looking  so fake.  I think, I want to print this picture it and design a  wrapping  paper.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A mansion in Pasadena

Welcome to  a  true mansion. It reminds me of the Hearst Castle .
This morning, couple of us friends went to an estate sale. It was in a beautiful wooded area of Pasadena, called the Arroyo. It's  minutes from the famed Rose Bowl.
This house was the most beautifully classic house I've ever seen. It was full of exquisite antiques and decor. I bought a modern glass coffee table  on glass  wheels, with chrome  hardware.   Also a "Barney's " purse. It was   like going to a museum. 
Look at those ceilings.

A totally useless carved marble  kitchen sink. As a piece of art, very detailed and lovely.

The price of this mirror is $11,000.00 I wonder if anyone  will buy it.

floor to ceiling book cases.
A chair fit for a queen.

A bed fit for a princess.

A curtain fit for a window.

Look at the smallest detail. Wrought iron carpet rods!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A fun night at Bingo

I went to bingo last night, with my mom.  A friend of hers  is a wonderful and generous woman who has a dramatic flair, as you can see. She, herself, painted her nails.  She owns a bar and grill and brings delicious homemade food  every Wed. for bingo. Everybody brings something to eat, and  we have a great time eating and and some of us winning. I won $45.00 last night, Woohoo! Anyway,  I just wanted to show some living art.

I keep selling bookshelves...

We have a book fetish. We buy old books everywhere we go. We have  at least 5   6' shelves in our little  house.  Art books, biographies, fiction, whatever. Anyway, that love boils over to my booth. I bring in at least 20 books every month, to sell. I also seem to be selling book shelves every other week. I don't think the kindalls, and online books are  putting a very big dent in the old fashioned practice of reading a good book. Thank God. Where would we be , without them?!