Monday, September 26, 2011

My husband is a Gem

Guy was driving home, when he saw a guy selling old stuff by the side of the road.  He stopped and found some good stuff. This 1920's Graduation journal was one of the  items he bought for a really great price.  I love him so much. How cool is this?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Room

I got this floor to ceiling bookcase from my new best friend C.J.  He lives up the street from Guy and I and is an antique dealer too. I've bought, in the past, great stuff from his sales and he's bought stuff from mine. Now we just  trade stuff. No more money exchanges hands, because we always have what each other needs. My room has never looked this organized. I always had boxes on the floor, and stuff piled everywhere. This bookcase has changed my life. I hope everyone, in their lives,  has a person like C.J. !

Halloween is selling really well.

Cutie patootie boy skelly.

Vintage  Edward Gorey  "Dracula"  play plaquards . 

Skeletons and silver.... what  more do you need?

I forgot about getting out of the picture.
Buddah , coral, an urn with hand painted (by me), fake  pumpkin, and  old flaky  shutter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My latest finds...

I was lucky enough to be asked to go to a house that was being cleaned out. The occupant was an 86 year old woman who embraced the "Hippy" ways all her life.  She is, now, in a home. I purchased this Buddah, and several pieces of iron, and these two lovely pieces of coral.  I bought the white pumpkin at Michael's ( they are  having a 40-50% sale on fall stuff). I painted it  to look like one of those new strains of pumpkins, with the pretty subtle colors.  I have an urn  with those colors, and wanted to put the pumpkin in it. I'll post the vignette after I get it together.

Friday, September 16, 2011


At Agoura Anttique Mart, we have a  month and a half before we start decorating for Christmas.
Serious Gothic, kinda
So, yesterday I got  busy and decorated  my booths for Halloween.  I hope you like them!

yes, those are doll legs in the urn.

Vintage Shawnee corn

The fun side of scary.

I love my little desk. I sat there  writing out my price tags, and felt  completely at home. Maybe cuz I'm  4' 11"' tall.

I like my St. Francis leaded glass window.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cancer Benefit

I decorated this bottle for a  silent auction  given by a friend of mine. She is walking in the Susan Komen  walk, and this is a great way to get sponsored. The jar holds pearls, shells, words of wisdom and  crystals. Things that are valued.  Lately, I've been decorating bottles for specific occasions. 
 I like doing personalized gifts. I like to honor friends and/or events.  The last bottle I did was for my best friend's mom's 90 birthday.  It is pictured in a post, from last month.
Anyway, I hope someone bids on this "Jar of Good Wishes" and takes it home. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mary is a new dealer at Agoura Antique Mart

Mary is a very talented artist. She paints  and mosaics  furniture and decorative arts (photos to follow in a future post). Right now she is  happily finding vintage items (such as old sewing boxes, like the poodle one featured here) to fill up her portion of the Baby booth at Agoura.  Come on in and check her out.

The End of Summer

Although the weather is still summery, it's time to get to work. Fall is my busiest time of year.
The holidays roll right on. Buying and decorating  for them is a full time job. Like I'm complaining.
I'll say it again, "I love my life!"   
Thanks for  looking. Have a great week! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

10' waves at Malibu

Went back to Malibu today, and there were 8-10' waves. The surfers and photographers were out in droves.  It was another glorious day, at the beach. However, the valley was over 100.  Hmmm;   valley?beach?, valley? beach....