Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Selling and Redoing... What's not to like!

I sold some stuff in both booths , so,  there I was today, with the help of Cathy) redoing both.
I've been laying awake for the last three nights, decorating  each one. I wanted an even bigger display  of spring, so I got a large birdbath, and tons of  fake greens and flowers.
She's reading Moby Dick 
Don't you love her shoes and shades?

For the "Btq." Cathy and I had a hell of a time putting the sailor suit on the "sitting" mannequin. Finally after  a half hour, we did it. She's sitting on suitcases in front of an old fisherman's net with a string of buoys and life preservers.  It was a fun fulfilling day.

Lot's of hat boxes, hats, and  shoes
This was a lot of fun to decorate

I love this birdbath!

This is a really funky
Radio flyer wagon. It's been outside our house for 10 years. It finally  has the right patina.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Booboo Kitty sits

Just a small posting. Booboo Kitty  sat watching the critter son the hill. I guess, he needed a little elevation.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm really loving all this color

 I laid vintage silk flowers in the wheelbarrow and birdbath. I wanted  it to look springy.
love critters, real ones and  cement

goldfish in a birdbath
vintage silk  and rubber fish with birds

Critters in hats

Canter's Deli

Sunday morning, Mary, JoJo, and I went to Canter's in  the Fairfax district of LA.
 I ordered a  lox and bagel plate, Mary ordered the chopped liver plate, and Jojo ordered potato pancakes. We shared. We ate, we laughed, we kibbitzed with Fran the " slightly:  acerbic server.  I ordered my usual Chocolate egg cream.  Fran makes the best ones on the west coast. 
Go, ask for Fran, and tell her I sent you. Just tell her I'm the one who wanted a glass of ice for my egg cream. She'll probably tell the manager to throw you out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring is here...

I love the old metal wheels on the large cart, wheelbarrow,
 and  the old  iron  cart wheel.
Guy  is off on Fridays now, so it's mule time for him at the mart. We put in this old railroad cart. I couldn't have done it without him.  

Close up of old wheel, and  different colored hoes, and blue
 interior birdbath with cement birds. We  also have  cement foxes,
 raccoons,and turtles, all about $35.

I love this redwood detachable trayed cart on wheels.
The lamps are copper clad.

Here's the  turtle, fox and tops of  the wheelbarrows.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage clothing and oak.

I painted this metal cabinet for a 50's look.
I  love the painting above.
Those are 30's, 40's, and 50's dress patterns in the  basket on the  right.
I finally got my clothing booth together and straightened out the large one. Here are current photos of both.

I sold the black and white tables,
 I put this metal cart under the  metal hanging  forms.
The letters are 6 " metal  "M and e".

Oak hasn't been very sellable lately, but  Arts and Crafts furniture still is.
 This is a 1909 narrow drop down desk.
I folded up to show the beautiful line of the piece.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Passover and Easter to All!

Guy and I hope you have a glorious weekend.
I love my readers and appreciate your interest. 
Thanks a bunch!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pysanky Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating

Last night I went to Pergolina, a fabulous  gift store in Toluca lake, owned by a fabulous woman named Paulana. As a tribute to his mother, Peter  Gurski is teaching this old Ukranian egg decoration technique. For the price of the class, we got an egg dye kit, with a stylus, bee's wax,packets of dye eggs, and Peter's patient, I mean patient, expertise. We didn't have to use our dye, because  he already  had dyes mixed. 
To start out,  we used raw eggs. We cleaned them with vinegar. Boiled eggs won't dye well, so raw eggs are used. After the design is done, you simply spray it with clear coat, and voila, it last forever, unless you drop it. Next step, we got  a stylus  A hollow point nib, hot and plunged it into the bee's wax. The wax is drawn up into the stylus,then heated again with a candle flame, then drawn onto the egg.
After you get the desired outlines, you dye it the first color. Then you draw, again, with the wax adding more of your design. So, it's redraw, re-dip, and so on, until the last dip color which is usually the darkest is applied. Every time you draw with the wax, it  protects the last color you dipped, so in the end, all of the colors you protected are visible when the wax is wiped off. Any questions?  
My eggs look like first timers. It's really hard to keep the lines straight, but I think as presents, the mom's will enjoy them.
Peter. He's a peach!!!

some great samples

Paulana and Peter, and one of the students.

Refreshments to add to the creativity.



an inspirational chart.

somestudent's finished  eggs, great aren't they?

My egg for my mom

My other egg for my Mom-in-law

other side


cute little Easter baskets made by my friend Sheryl.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here are pictures of my new clothing booth.

I'm showing  summer dresses and  1940's shoes.

1940's May Co.  alligator platforms  and alligator purse

Maud Frizon tan shoes, 1940's suede platforms, and  tooled leather  sandals
16 foot banner  from 1960's Italian  International shoe expo.

Floating colorful 1960's dresses and shifts from $36.

Red slingback shoes from Manolo Blahnik, $110.

Vintage  hats on a vintage hat stand