Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crystal Cove, at Laguna Beach, Ca.

Gilfin fish up in right corner, half in shadow

Pelicans in formation.

migrating  Pelicans

seashore and  line of Pelicans

Tons of bunnies running around.

the quail were huge!

I had a  fabulous day at  Laguna Beach, last week. My friend, Marilyn, has a convertible Volvo, and we drove, top down, all along the Orange County coastline. We visited the tide pools, the parks, and the wetlands. We saw huge roadrunners, quail, bunnies, fish, sea anemones , cormorants, and pelicans, they are the ones flying in order. This was done in a 4 hour period. Everything  was inside the Crystal Cove Preservation park.  Just fabulous. I'm going back there next Friday.   Can't wait!
sea anemones. This  an underwater shot.
more pelicans
We think the pelicans  were migrating. We haven't seen that many of them, before.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is a delicious Easter!

Guy surprised me  by getting these fantastically decorated  Easter cupcakes. We're going over to my mom's for dinner, and will scarf them up there. Can't wait. I'm on a cupcake tear and am trying cupcakes from every bakery I see.   It's a phase, and I can't wait til I'm over it. Neither can my heart doctor. JJ. Compliments of Merengue Bakery, Monrovia, Ca.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearing Wedding Time at Agoura

Maria and  I like our Booth at the Bridal Fair, so much, that we  re-created it at the mart.
We are having so much fun with  this "girlie" stuff. It makes shopping really fun.

vintage silk pumps with  shoe clips.

Look at  that  Pink dress on the mantel. OMG

Petticoats and bustiers  are so much fun.   

This mantel is slim and  compact. It would fit perfectly in a bedroom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Passover and Easter to all

I hope this season brings renewal, hope, and joy! Thank you so much for visiting me. You are loved.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Why We Love Road Trips...

I call this oak mountain. Actually the  mountains between Fresno, and  Los Banos.
Beautiful morning, the weather was perfect.

lone tree

dead, but beautiful

mustard seed in full bloom

my Iphone has stop action We were driving at least 70 mph

We stopped at this roadside yard sale. This fence lead up to the farm house.
Now this is the kind of "pickin" I like.

South on Hwy. 101 the Camino Real, the original highway of California

Grape vineyards. I had to photograph this star, I think it  lights up at night.  
sunset on a vineyard.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pierpont Inn, Ventura, Ca. Wedding Rose Garden

Cabbage roses. The scent was heavenly.

As you have now  discovered, I love taking pictures of flowers. Here are some from the Wedding Garden of the Pierpont Inn.  Every color and size.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pierpont Bridal Fair

Loved clothing these dress forms!

vintage silk night gowns

Maria and  I had a Fabulous time. 


We wanted to portray romance at it's fullest.

Lots of glamour
our space

These silk slipper chairs  lent a luxurious feel.

 Real roses graced vintage  silver plated creamers and vases.

pearls were very popular. They are definitely back!

The vintage hats went too. Perfect for Easter.

Tulle, tulle, tulle!
This top hat  was "Simply Divine"!

a pair of toasting glasses in a vintage silk lined shell jewelry box.

Embellished frames are perfect wedding gifts.

Vintage cake toppers on a pie crust table.
This weekend, Maria and I participated in a bridal fair. We designed a booth of vintage bridal items; old cake toppers, vintage jewelry, veils, shoes,  clothes, handkerchiefs, etc.  We had a great time. The Pierpont Inn , in Ventura, is an elegant and popular venue for weddings.  Their wedding coordinator, Nicole, said they are booked up every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, through 2012.  The rose garden and gazebo are beautiful. so, here are the pics. Enjoy