Thursday, July 29, 2010

Agoura Antique Mart booth update

My booth partner and I brought in new stuff today.
We decided to do an industrial look. Lots of wire racks, metal boxes, a leather couch with a metal base, a really cool 3 tiered metal coffee table. Above the couch,  is a Grand Marnier  Liquer map of Paris with stars showing  you where it is served.  Great item for Francophiles and advertising  lovers.
The bowl on the coffee table has in it,  unused  Blue Dot camera flashbulbs. People are using these bulbs for craft projects. I've been selling lots. They are 8 for $10.  It took quite a while to get the booth together, but we are happy with the outcome.  If you're in the neighborhood, (Agoura Hills, Ca.), stop in and ask to see Little Leslie's booth. I'm usually there Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any questions, just comment and I will reply. Thanks again for looking.
 Well, the very next day, everything sold. I mean there are only 2 tables left in the booth.  One person came in and bought all of it for his business. Industrial rocks!!!

Well, to update you on the bird nest. For some reason, there are only three eggs left in our nest in the Chinese Lantern under our eaves. No sign of the fourth egg, anywhere.   The mom still flies away every time we open our front door. We've been sneaking out the back as much as we can.   I'll keep you posted!  Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A card for Guy

 I took a class  at Zinnia in So. Pasadena, from Joe, teacher extraordinaire. We used cigar boxes, and affixed or hung paper dolls inside, like on a stage. I decorated the inside walls with  printed napkin paper, and  torn text.  I added a paper compass on a ribbon attached to Pierot's  (Guy's), hand. Then I added the bird nest and affixed a copper lion medallion.  Our kittiies' pictures are on both sides. Guy gave me real pearls for Christmas, so ,I had to add those too.  This is his "3d" birthday card! Hope you like it. Have a creative day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chains are not just for towing.

Lately, I've been finding chains everywhere.
I've been buying lengths of all kinds of links.  Some so heavy, I can't lift them on my own. Some so delicate, I'm inclined to put them around my neck.  I'm collecting enough to make a curtain to hang behind some yard art. I will take a picture when I finish.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things we accumulate

All you need is about 10 years or more to accumulate this much "yard art".  My friends say they love coming over when we're not home yet, so they have time to look around.


My husband, Guy, loves succulents. He, as I've said before, has a green thumb. This year, every plant around our house has sprouted the most beautiful blossoms. Hope you enjoy.

Of whom does this cactus remind you?

Monday, July 5, 2010

A great 4th of July

Fireworks at our local High school, in Tujunga.

We laid on the ground, and it felt like we were alone in the world with this spectacle.

A good bbq., good company and a good show. What else do you need?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Make your own shade

I had a really cute lamp made from  an old lantern. I wanted an equally cute shade, so I took some silk  plant leaves and glue gunned them onto an old and dirty shade. I started at the bottom of the shade, so I could layer from bottom to top. I hope you like it and are inspired to do one.

Birds of the Holler

Birds of the Holler, pick which one is real.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cactus flower

Look at this flower.  It is virtually  hollow down the center.   The color is so vibrant, but subtle. From dark pink to pale.  It lasts about 2 days.

The Yard in Squirrel Holler

Our Front yard

My husband, as I've said before, has a green thumb. He grew all of these cacti from small pieces. He says, just pick or cut a piece of cactus, let the cut end scab over, takes about a week, then just plant and water.

Good planting!!!

Close ups

Close ups of some of the metal things in our yard.