Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More of Gail's home

Marvin's  Man Cave
I took so many pictures, I felt that it should be 2 postings. so here we are again...At Gail's!

close up of the man cave

I adore this peacock


Alli and me in the front

The master bedroom

gorgeous furnishings

Love this settee in my favorite room

close up of settee

exquisite decorations


Gail, in the middle, Alli on left, and Alli's mom, Laura.

They are so cute!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon In Newhall!

My friend Gail Smith, of Newhall, Ca. invited friends to see her house dressed up for Christmas. Next weekend, it's a part of a house tour  of old Newhall.   Once, Gayle owned a fabulous store named, "A Touch of Class".  She  sold the most beautiful clothes and gifts, and I'd say it was anything but just a "touch".  I hope these pics convey the utter beauty of her  house.  Thank you Gail for a wonderful time!
the beginning of  an enchanted afternoon.

Looking  down onto the sunken living room.

chairs and table received the glamour touch.

copper, copper, copper

Just some of the fabulous fare.

Wouldn't you love to be seated here, for dinner?


Ironstone everywhere.

I love this dish and flatware caddy.

This is a guest room. I want to be a guest.

tree in formal living room

close up of tree

Gail in my favorite room

Close up of Gail

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

No Pictures this time. Just a list of who and what I'm thankful for;
My mom,
BooBoo Kitty,
Annie, Katy, Helene, Bob,  Jay and Patty,
Aunt Mitzi and family
Helen and  Carl,
Sissy and Joe,
Linda and Glenn, Karen and Lisa,
Bern and Jim and Aub,
Susan and Roland and Doris,
Jo, Dan and  family,
Frank and Pam,
Deedee and hubby
Alan and  Greg
Heidi and Cooch,
Michael and family,
Maria and Dave and family,
Cathy and Joann and Carole,
Paul and Joe,
Lisa and  Dick,
Sheryl and  Mike,
Jeff,  Laureen,  and Meggie and Leif,
Mary and  Perry
CJ and Marvin,
Jan and Marty,
Alan and Greg,
Dave and Renee and kids,
Lu and family,
Pat and Jim and  Alex,
Leslie and Greg,
Mandy, Ro, Nancy, Mike,
Terry and Steve, Lupe, Margie, Karen
Paulana and Steve and  Blanca,
Genie, Chris, and  Lorelee,
Zack and Sharon,
Todd, Tony, Maryann, Annie, Angela, Kelly, Alex, and
 Omg, I forgot your name tall guy.
Sara and  Our gang,
My blogging friends and followers,
The beauty of art, nature, music, laughter, friendship, giving,  and, love.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Some more pics of the open house...

A look at the food tables before hand.

My mom being deputized as Meatball Marshall. Only two to a customer.


Guy and Mark 

Guy and  Mike, the  three musicateers!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well, it finally arrived; our Open House at Agoura!

Our big push, for the last month, was to get the store lookin' like " Old St. Nick's  work shop".
We did it.  Yesterday was the big day, and  it was a screaming  success.  Here are some pics of my Christmas booths.;
I love the huge Eiffel Tower photo. It sold! yea!

I painted the booth dark gray to contrast with the white and silver accents.
  why did I wait so long.
 This is the best color my booth has ever been!

My Cowboy Christmas booth all decked out.

A Wallace silver plate punch bowl, tray and ladle.

Love those santas

The map came from the estate of the person who
supplied antiques to  the ". It is from the 1800s
 and  depicts railroad routes and shipping lanes.
The  industrial  cart shelves pull up and the sides close in.