Monday, January 23, 2012

Glenn and Linda's Party at Anne and Don's

As I downloaded the photos of Glenn and Linda's stockholder party, I realized I wasn't interested in the people (sorry, but thank God, there were other photographers), but the venue. 
This is Anne and Don's love; their  own private "Main Street USA". 
They are, in my opinion, the collector's of the universe. Anne loves "Barbie" The storefront shows every doll since the beginning up to the latest issue,  and everything  that goes with her. As you can see, Don's love is vintage cars, trucks, and boats. He works on them himself.  Mike and Frank would be in heaven if they got to come and pick at Don's. 
 Thank you anne and don, and Glenn for inviting me to the best party ever.
I hope you enjoy these photos.
Great patina

I love these wheels

Castle of the half moon


I wanted one of these.

I've never seen this.  Awesome!

Check out the spelling of desserts.

let's eat
What I love about Don and Anne, is that , they pay attention to every last detail.
This  "diner"  is  operational. They used it  for the party.
Glenn and Linda own several  auto paint  stores in california. This is a cake (can you believe it?) depicting his products. The cake itself is pat red velvet and part marble. It was delish!


there are 2 of these light fixtures.

Bob's Big Boy?  I mean Bob's Big Boy. OMG

Don't ask how many square feet this garage is, I don't know, but it is big enough to house
at least 30 vehicles and  the main street, and a new  mezzanine game room with an elevator, plus the tables for the party.

I took tons of close ups of these cars. each was  so clean and shiny,
that I was mesmerized.

So cute. I'd love to eat breakfast, in this diner, every morning.

Here's Linda.

Barbie and Friends store front.

What do you think of this Kevin and Guy?

so authentic

the town barber shop with the town drunk!

I've never seen so many fabulous signage.

They even have  those kiddie rides.

Everything in mint condition

A real police sign

  A view from the game mezzanine

Major signage The Bridgestone sign  covers the whole back wall.

the filling station.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mosaic Mary

 I spent today with a beautiful, caring,  funny and very creative person, named Mary.   I finally got to see her house, and it is very her!  Full of  beautiful furniture, great pets, and  "her studio".  Mary  creates these fabulous mosaics. She does mirrors, boxes, tables, hearts, and furniture.  I just love the stacks of china she uses. She buys broken and chipped pieces. She is a successful "repurposer"!

Mary and Henry

Mary also paints and  decals furniture. Great piece.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You have to see Anne's blog. She just wrote an article for a magazine  and  has a giveaway of that magazine. Check her out!

I Had The Best Buying Weekend in Months...

I just can't be any happier than I was this weekend. Went shopping and got the best stuff ever. I wish I could put, at once, in my booths, everything  I bought.
Love these plastic flowers, like Chihuly glass flowers

These are glass berries. Love them too.

An English brass teapot with  burner stand.

Guy found this tin lined tea box, and I found the birdcage.
You can't see it very well, but, I also found an old alligator purse.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm back... Been really busy redecorating my booths for the new year.

I still need to put in more stuff, here. Kind of  sparse. This table is bamboo from the 30's and has 2 cranes painted on the top.  The legs are removable.
So,  I hope your holidays were as good as ours. Very mellow this year.  We were surrounded by people who love and appreciate us, and vise versa. Then reality hit,I had to get into the mart and attack those Christmas booths. OY! It took 2 days and my husband to come and help me, but we got it done.  Hope you like them. 

I just love this white and pink, so fresh.

Another white mantel. Much smaller but it has more detail.

Those  hanging plastic bags hold 1800's jacket patterns for  a woman and a man.

This green metal cabinet has 18 cork lined drawers.

ruby glass dessert set, perfect for Valentine's day!