Friday, December 30, 2011

A Chorus Line

Mary and I went to the  San Fernando swap meet. Friends told us  we could find old stuff there. It is a huge  flea market with tons of new stuff. We found some old frames and I found a  Miriam Haskell  brooch. Can you believe it?  Anyway, these leggings struck me as funny, so I took pics of them.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Genie's Christmas Party

For Christmas, I decorated my friend Genie's house in holiday cheer.
portion of the mantel
This was a special Christmas party, because, Genie, and two other friends, and I worked 30 years ago in the garment industry. We've kept in touch but haven't been able to  get all 4 of us together at the same time. Well, this December we did. And what a hoot.   
P.S.   Sorry about the duplicate video, I can't seem to delete it.

side table in family room

potted lights in music room

Guy and me  and the tree I decorated

Chris and Genie

From the left; Genie, me, Lorelee, and Chris

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry day after Christmas

Well, it looks like our feline and canine relatives had a great Christmas too.
Hope all of you did,  as well!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Present for Sheryl

For Christmas, I had to do something creative for my friend Sheryl. She makes me printed gift and price tags  every year. This year was no exception. We exchange presents yesterday, and boy am I thrilled. Tons of gorgeous tags in all sizes and  prints. They are  like gold to me. Anyway,  she makes Christmas ornaments and  other holiday paper designs, so I  bought  lots of ribbon, charms, and paper items for her to use. I put them in decorated jars and  bottles I made from vintage music, ribbons and ceramic findings. I also decorated a file folder and a plastic shoe box.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More of Gail's home

Marvin's  Man Cave
I took so many pictures, I felt that it should be 2 postings. so here we are again...At Gail's!

close up of the man cave

I adore this peacock


Alli and me in the front

The master bedroom

gorgeous furnishings

Love this settee in my favorite room

close up of settee

exquisite decorations


Gail, in the middle, Alli on left, and Alli's mom, Laura.

They are so cute!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon In Newhall!

My friend Gail Smith, of Newhall, Ca. invited friends to see her house dressed up for Christmas. Next weekend, it's a part of a house tour  of old Newhall.   Once, Gayle owned a fabulous store named, "A Touch of Class".  She  sold the most beautiful clothes and gifts, and I'd say it was anything but just a "touch".  I hope these pics convey the utter beauty of her  house.  Thank you Gail for a wonderful time!
the beginning of  an enchanted afternoon.

Looking  down onto the sunken living room.

chairs and table received the glamour touch.

copper, copper, copper

Just some of the fabulous fare.

Wouldn't you love to be seated here, for dinner?


Ironstone everywhere.

I love this dish and flatware caddy.

This is a guest room. I want to be a guest.

tree in formal living room

close up of tree

Gail in my favorite room

Close up of Gail