Thursday, March 29, 2012


Ribbons and tags
When I was a teen, I rode horses almost every weekend.  I didn't won a horse, but I rented  from local stables.  We lived in horse country. I never  took riding lessons, so of course never competed, but I was secretly jealous of my friends who did. I loved their ribbons. Whenever I see ribbons for sale, I gotta have 'em.  But, since  I don't have anywhere or any reason , really, to display them, I usually sell them. So here's the new  batch. All from  the 60's. I also bought some really cool cattle ear tags.

I love this color story. I don't think it should be just for holidays.

I also got some old linen towels.  

close-up. Love the colors.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Craftsman Bungalow

I  worked an estate sale, this weekend, 
with a wonderful woman named Diane,
 a great guy named Richard, along with friends  CJ, Bob,  and Leilani. 
The cutest bungalow
We had a  houseful, of collectibles and fabulous furniture.  It was a three day affair and we sold  almost everything in the house. It was the best sale ever. Of course, I had a hand in it, by  purchasing  a lot  of things. I'm thrilled with my buys. Today, at the booth I put in some  old linen dish towels, and sold two of them; boom! 

close up

The kitchen cabinet handles were red bakelite!

The built ins were exquisite.

I wanted to purchase this  switch plate, like everyone else who came in,
 but  anything attached, was not for sale.

lots of cabinet space all over the house.

The only problem  in the house, was  there were no
 electrical outlets in the rooms. Each room had  in wall lighting.

This was the sun room. I loved it. Windows all around.

Beautiful Diane!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Stuff

Guy and I are always thinking.
 He had  this wooden  base with holes in it, 
 so, he inserted these vintage bisque baby doll  hands into the  holes, and  Voila!
While  he was creating great art, 
I  asked Bobby (at Agoura Antique Mart), to connect 
some wine barrel bands together and turn them into a light fixture.
I'm really happy with the results.  He's a genius. He can fix anything.
This weekend, I also bought a collection of old tobacco pipes.
 Some are Irish Clay pipes, some are briar bowls with bakelite tips. 
You can see some of them in the picture of the mantel.

Down To The Metal...

The  trend of sanding metal furniture down to the base layer has hit a new high.  This VW bus was parked outside an estate sale I attended. The guy who owns it is young and hip. He deals in industrial furniture. I love this non-paint job. So apropos!   

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A show called Luck

The decor hasn't changed since the 60's
Guy and I started watching an new HBO show called, Luck, with Dustin Hoffman. It revolves around Santa Anita race track. Well, it's been canceled because  3 horses died in the filming.  I'm so sorry for the horses and their owners. It is suspected that they ran them to much and fast. These horses had been retired ones.  It was a good show, and  to explain these pictures, I  had to give the background. Part of this show was set in a neighbor coffee shop called Rod's. We've been going there for 10 years, and  were happy to see  them get some  attention. If you are interested, Rod's is near the corner of Huntington  and Santa Anita rds., in Arcadia. The vegetarian omelet it the best!

Look at those  "hot" lights and that  clock.

The famous turquoise banquettes  with  the Rod's logo.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New things in booth

silver plate anyone?
notice the old cupboard.

the ladies'  spittoon is blue enamel, and the spurs are early 1900's

the two brass lamps are 1900's  Arts and Crafts originals

close up of  hanging lamp.

These rubber gold fish are my favorite picks of the weekend.
They crack me up. I also got  other colors of fish, but the  gold ones are
the coolest!
I  went to some sales and got  very cool stuff. A new distressed cupboard from the  thirties, a fabulous surveyors tripod,  old spurs, Bauer bowls, and  silver. I love large silver trays, and so do a lot of people. I can't keep them in the booth.  Hope you have a great weekend. The weather , here, in Tujunga is a breezy 73. Gotta  love Calif.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Estate sales aren't just for buying...

I  love seeing how other people  live. This  estate sale was in the hills above JPL. This is an upscale neighborhood, and I was thrilled to be able to explore a nice house there. The grounds were terraced with a natural spring running through. The owner built 5 red Japanese  bridges over the creek. Flowers abounded; paperwhites,  camelias,  and daffodils. It smelled  heavenly.  I stayed  a long  time. I almost forgot why I was there, but not quite. I got lots of nice things  at this sale. It was a perfect experience.