Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Christmas booth pics

Santa has  a dirty nose. 
Santas crack me up. Look how many different ones there are.
 I love deer. These are flocked, ceramic, plastic and bisque.
The large deer  I think is Bauer, and was made into a lamp.
I was so happy to have ornaments the color of the lamps.
this picture doesn't do the lamps justice.
embossed leather chairs.


  1. I think Santa's dirty nose is from climbing down too many chimneys...!


  2. Your booth looks so wonderfully Christmas! I hope you had a great open house. Sorry I couldn't make it. Perhaps in December. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Guy.

  3. I'm still enjoying Santa Claus, up there, with the dirty nose!

  4. He was in the chimney, that's why he's got a dirty nose.