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Friday, December 3, 2010

I love cheese cloth.

I added cheese cloth, vintage jewelry, and glitter to a white  ornament.
Shoe clips are  are inexpensive to find and are great for  repurposing.
I made these ornaments from coffee stained cheese cloth, a piece of jewelry, and glitter. I love the look of the lamp shades, so I thought why not.


  1. Gad, what a fabulous decoration. How did you come up with spray painting cheese cloth? Love the look.

  2. I didn't paint them. I tied them with string and spray glued them and glittered them. Glitter glue is like spraying hair spray. It's light and doesn't gunk up. Just holds the glitter on. Then I added the jewel.

  3. You're great at getting twinkly photos. It's hard to get the light to catch the right way - but yours twinkle perfectly!!