Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm back... Been really busy redecorating my booths for the new year.

I still need to put in more stuff, here. Kind of  sparse. This table is bamboo from the 30's and has 2 cranes painted on the top.  The legs are removable.
So,  I hope your holidays were as good as ours. Very mellow this year.  We were surrounded by people who love and appreciate us, and vise versa. Then reality hit,I had to get into the mart and attack those Christmas booths. OY! It took 2 days and my husband to come and help me, but we got it done.  Hope you like them. 

I just love this white and pink, so fresh.

Another white mantel. Much smaller but it has more detail.

Those  hanging plastic bags hold 1800's jacket patterns for  a woman and a man.

This green metal cabinet has 18 cork lined drawers.

ruby glass dessert set, perfect for Valentine's day! 


  1. Your booth is looking grand, as usual. I really like the drums and, it think it's a
    rocking duck!

  2. Hey, that metal cabinet and bamboo table are great! Those would be my choice if I was shopping there. Glad Christmas was a good one. We had a good one too! Hard to get back in the swing.

  3. Hey, looks like you might have had some help with those booths! LOL!!!

  4. Thank you Bern, for the help you gave me, and thanks to Guy for all his help and ideas! How's that , Boo?