Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New venture...

   I know  I've posted  this picture before, but it's relevant to what I'm about  to tell you. 
   Since  I was a little girl, I'v loved clothes. I used to draw my own paper doll clothes,  make my Barbie doll's clothes, and make my own, when I was in high school. I never thought much about it after that , til I was divorced and in my 30's. I went to fashion design school for only one of a two year program. I got a divorce and went to work.  I worked downtown LA in the garment district for 20 odd years. I was a  showroom girl, a  fabric print designer, and finally a  road rep. I've always loved clothes, and hoped someday I'd get back into the field. 
  Well, That time has come.
   Last night while  I was having a bad time getting to sleep, I  had a great idea. why not turn my small booth, across from my large booth, at (Agoura Antique  Mart) into a clothing boutique. Personally I've been buying vintage clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry, for  most of my life. It's a natural for me. I can't think why I haven't  thought of this before. Starting this coming Tuesday April 3, I will be selling  dresses, shoes, hats and  jewelry. I  will be buying more of everything in the coming weeks.
    I have a dozen  spring and summer dresses to start with, and  some shoes and hats for  Easter.
    I'll take photos  when I   merchandise the booth.  Hope you can come in and see. Ask for Booth 850.
From last year's Bridal Booth.

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