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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Home!!

Hi everyone.
   It was a fabulous trip. Mary and I saw so much beautiful country. We started  up highway 5. As some of you know, Highway 5, in So. Ca.  is boring. It didn't " pretty up" until  Redding area.   I love it around Mt. Shasta. Those little towns are full of history, and thrift stores.  I bought  vintage clothes in Cottonwood, and smalls up the road.

   The  show in Portland was ok. The outside was pretty good for us. We bought great stuff there, but the inside of the Expo center was a little disappointing. A lot of the  vendors weren't yet  set up, and the prices were high.

   The best  part of the trip was spending time with my family; brother Jeff, Sister-in-law Laureen, niece Meghan,  and nephew, Leif, and of  course the various dog and cats  between the two families.

   Meghan is pregnant, and we  attended her  baby shower given by her mother-in-law and aunt.
The house and grounds were beautiful and  the party was a blast.

   The time  went by so fast. It was already Monday, so off we went. We decided to take the 101  south.
While it is, in Oregon,  such a gorgeous drive, you need about a week to get home to LA.  It took us about 8 hours to go 100 miles. So, at Gardiner, we went inland, and took the 5 home.
We're off to see the wizard...
Cottonwood, Ca. Beautiful little town.

Mary in front of Joan's Vintage shop

The Sundial Bridge in Redding

A glimpse of Mt Shasta

Weed, Ca.

Enjoying Sushi in Portland

Preparing dinner for my brother Jeff, and Laureen

Mozzarella with basil and tomatoes

From the left, Laur, Meghan, Jeff, Leif, and Mary

Riko the great dane and Mary


Jack Woo

At the shower

Fergus, the Maine Coon.  Something like 39 pounds



Cooper, the friendly horse

Leslie, the friendly horse lover

The Oregon coast

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A restaurant in  Newport Oregon

Lisa, Dick and me, friends for  40 years. They  live in Oregon.

More of Oregon Coast

This bird sat there for 30 minutes.
Pretty scary. These signs were all along the coastal region.

Still in Oregon,  with the elk,

This was a magical trip. We saw and did
everything we wanted.
Thanks Mary for being a terrific traveling mate!


  1. LLoks like a beautiful trip. There is nothing better than getting your body, mind and soul OUT of Los Angeles, and into open pastures. Glad it was a fun filled trip for you two!

  2. Aww Leslie...looks like such a great trip! The Oregon coast is just gorgeous!! Glad you made it home safe and sound...xoxokathee

  3. Looks like a great vacation in a wonderful area. Weed, California, what a place!

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  5. Sorry I removed my post above ... I had to go back and enter all my Blogger info again. Love the pics and loving having you visit!!! Laur

  6. Thanks everybody. Had a great time!!!!!