Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Booth Redone

The second time in two weeks, I've redone my booth. I sold two farm tables this weekend. Whoopee! So, this time, I put in a large white counter, an Ostrich upholstered chair a cane back upholstered chair, and the cutest ottoman I've seen in years.

I put up grape vine overhead, with some  bright green leaves. It looks gardeny.  Can you believe, but these sunflowers aren't real?  I love the  cherub lamp. I put a Rachel Ashwell lampshade on it.
So, here's hoping I have to change the booth again, in a week!


  1. Great booth! Good reason to change every week.
    My friend and I have just opened our first booth and we are having the time of our lives!
    Enjoy your day today,

  2. Love the booth. I would like to come out and see it.

  3. I loooove it alll! your so talented! Have a great day! `lulu

  4. Booth looks great! You are the sweetest ever. xoxo janette