Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mt. Groarty Cross

On New Year's day, my friend , Cathy and her two adorable dogs, and I took a walk up the hill, from my house to the "Cross".  It's about a 3 mile up and down round trip jaunt.It was the clearest day we had seen in a while. This cross was erected by the city in the mid 1900s.  A lot of young 20 somethings  go up there to drink beer. we see a lot of broken glass, but it looks so pretty glinting in the early morning sun.  Easter Sunday sees  even more people making the pilgrimage up there.  I'm so happy to live in this small mountainy town in So. California.  In the midst of L.A.,  I feel like I'm living in the country.


  1. It's a great view and a fun climb. Lot's to look at on the way up.
    Thanks for commenting