Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paul's memories spurred mine...

The walled city of Radda
A real castle
looking out my window on to the rest of the farm
a large bronze in a small town

Just an ordinary house in a 400 year old town.

The lady looking into the camera, owns   the cafe where we ate her pastries. OMG were they ever delicious.
The Baptistry , in Florence, with the bronze doors.
My window in the second floor of our 400 year old farm house in the midst of a vineyard, in the Chianti region
another walled city
I was looking at my friend Paul's blog, tonight.  Something reminded him of his trip to Italy, in 2005, so he posted  some, as usual, beautiful photos he had taken. It reminded me of my trip to Tuscany in 2008. So, I'm posting some of mine.


  1. Oh how I long for a getaway! It seems like the corner supermarket is the furthest I get away most days. Oh well!


  2. I love Italy. Went around 2006 to Rome. Just love the buildings and people are so nice. Beautiful country! judy

  3. Love the look at the Baptistry Doors. Do you think there is ever a time when there isn't a giant crowd of tourists there?