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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I keep selling bookshelves...

We have a book fetish. We buy old books everywhere we go. We have  at least 5   6' shelves in our little  house.  Art books, biographies, fiction, whatever. Anyway, that love boils over to my booth. I bring in at least 20 books every month, to sell. I also seem to be selling book shelves every other week. I don't think the kindalls, and online books are  putting a very big dent in the old fashioned practice of reading a good book. Thank God. Where would we be , without them?!


  1. Old leather bound books are beautiful. I think the advent of kindle and other readers have made them even more precious.

  2. Your display looks fantastic Leslie. There is nothing like the feel and smell of a book and those leather books look lovely stacked there together. Tracey x

  3. What a blessing to have so many wonderful books!!