Sunday, March 6, 2011

A mansion in Pasadena

Welcome to  a  true mansion. It reminds me of the Hearst Castle .
This morning, couple of us friends went to an estate sale. It was in a beautiful wooded area of Pasadena, called the Arroyo. It's  minutes from the famed Rose Bowl.
This house was the most beautifully classic house I've ever seen. It was full of exquisite antiques and decor. I bought a modern glass coffee table  on glass  wheels, with chrome  hardware.   Also a "Barney's " purse. It was   like going to a museum. 
Look at those ceilings.

A totally useless carved marble  kitchen sink. As a piece of art, very detailed and lovely.

The price of this mirror is $11,000.00 I wonder if anyone  will buy it.

floor to ceiling book cases.
A chair fit for a queen.

A bed fit for a princess.

A curtain fit for a window.

Look at the smallest detail. Wrought iron carpet rods!


  1. OMG Leslie you must have had a great time!! I wish I was with time!! Love all the pics girl!!!
    talk to you soon...did you buy that bookcase??

  2. What an impressive place. And, I agree, grab that bookcase. This must be the last place in the US that has real carpet rods. Amazing.

  3. Nice looking house! WOW. - What are you guys doing up at 2:30 in the morning?