Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bern's Studio

My best friend Bern and her boyfriend Jim, live in a beautiful Arts and Crafts home in Monrovia. It is on the historical register. They have  been remodeling  in stages. Bern is a fantastic artist, interior designer, gardner, and cook. She has the best parties in the world. We will be dining al fresco, this coming Saturday, and I can't wait. Her menu reads: Watermelon glazed chicken, rum and coke bbq ribs, cabbage slaw, and fruit crepes for dessert. Pictures to follow. 
 But I digress. The reason for this post is that she is designing an art studio. We are going to paint. Not the studio, but canvases. We've been dreaming about having a studio for over 30 years, and now it's come to fruition. We can't  believe how close we are to realizing our dream.  We have our paints, our brushes, our easels at the ready. It's just a matter of a few tweaks. 
Bernadette in front of her "Atelier"
 I'll be posting pictures of our pictures in the coming months. I for one, hope I'll be worthy of this space.

A lot of beautiful areas to paint. We won't need to go far for

I just love this. Looks like the plants are growing
out of the rock.

Many fruit trees and flowers to paint


  1. Leslie....if she makes any amazing dishes, as I'm sure they will be, make sure to get the recipes! Watermelon glazed chicken? How yummy....!!! Have fun and say HEY to Bernnie for us!

  2. Having a studio to make your art in will be fantastic. Dad has always dreamed about a studio, the garage is as close as he gets. Congratulations, love the jam!

  3. Hey Boo, Patty gave us the Cat Head birdhouse.