Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Prettiest Couple on Earth

Here's DustyLu and Dustin, and Paul and,  new little precious, Luke!
We were  together for  Fifi's book signing in Agoura Hills, Ca.
Dustin, with the camera, seems to be taking after his mom. 
It was great to see you, Lu and family!!


  1. OHHH YOU ARE SOO SWEET! It was great to see you to Les! I miss seeing you often. Your the nicest person in the world. I love these pics! Thank you so much for this thoughtful post! BIG BIG HUGS lulu

  2. Hi Leslie, thank you for your comment on my post girl!!! Also you are so right....aren't they the cutest!!! Lulu you look awesome!!! The baby is beautiful!! xok

  3. so glad to land here if you do not mind. I wish I lived closer.. looks like a beautiful place to be. love the name..lovely blog. xo Laura