Thursday, March 29, 2012


Ribbons and tags
When I was a teen, I rode horses almost every weekend.  I didn't won a horse, but I rented  from local stables.  We lived in horse country. I never  took riding lessons, so of course never competed, but I was secretly jealous of my friends who did. I loved their ribbons. Whenever I see ribbons for sale, I gotta have 'em.  But, since  I don't have anywhere or any reason , really, to display them, I usually sell them. So here's the new  batch. All from  the 60's. I also bought some really cool cattle ear tags.

I love this color story. I don't think it should be just for holidays.

I also got some old linen towels.  

close-up. Love the colors.


  1. Leslie your horse show ribbons are beautiful...I was one of the lucky ones and was showing horses for many years when I was little. I still have my old ribbons..I store them in an old hump back trunk! Thanks for the memories!!! xok

  2. You sure don't horse around when creating a darling booth! :)