Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The vintage clothing booth is coming along...

I'd  really like this booth to become a true clothing and accessories "boutique".  I'm making  it user friendly with a double bench for sitting and trying on shoes, and a guest bathroom for the clothes, complete with a full length mirror and wall hooks for hanging.
I buy all sizes in dresses, skirts, shirts, lingerie and shoes
 My prices are vintage as well. You can get an Hawaiian sundress for as little as $36, 
and Prada shoes as little as $95. 
Come  check out the" Boutique" at the Agoura Antique Mart.
Also see what 50 other dealers have to offer, in home decor, books, collections,
Antique and vintage furniture, Art. 
And, a fabulous Body Care bar with the newest and
 hottest body care and candle lines in America.
Sundresses, sundresses, sundresses

Right now, shoe sizes range from 7-10
Many are designer labels; Prada, Ferragamo, Joan &
David, etc. Most lightly worn.

Purses for the summer , also lightweight hats.

I'm still combining some vintage 50's kitchen decor with the clothes.
I like the  mix.

Love fun colors.  Bright is better!

But, then  again, white and gold is always classic.


  1. love the blog, Lester. I just posted pictures of your booth on facebook!!

    xo Maria

  2. Leslie, the desk and door are separate. I redid the desk and just talked my neighbor out of the door because I like it and he was moving away,Like all the vintage clothing!! jude

  3. Love the new booth. Hope Loretta and I get to visit soon.

  4. The details make all the difference! It looks lovely, and the double benches are going to be so useful. Good job, Leslie :)