Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mosaics in Montrose

Montrose is a small town above Glendale. It is precious.  
Every year they have a  craft fair. Mary has shown, there, for the last five years.   She does, as you can see, mosaics on;  furniture, mirrors, shelving, frames, letters, hearts.
 I sat, for most of the day,with her and Alyssa, her darling niece.
People love Mary. She is funny, outgoing, and so creative.
 Customers, came into the booth, gushing and hugging her and drooling over her stuff. 
In fact, they even bought things! It was a good day.
I asked for a smile, and this is what I got.
Oh well, next time maybe you'll listen to me, Mary.
This little girl would not get up. She stayed there for  a half hour.

Tea party

Gushing customers
Beautiful product!

Love the corner shelf!

The frames are perfect for  weddings.

The sewing cabinet had drawers. Never seen one like  that.

Mary does custom piecers. If you have
Granny's china and don't know what to do with it, have
Mary make a piece using it.


  1. Oh wow! looks like a great time girl! I love Mary's stuff..so pretty. I wish I knew about the fair I would have gone too! Oh well...
    that little girl was cute...

  2. What a great setup! Mary is so talented and creative! Oh course, not to mention that she is beautiful, smart and just an all round great person! Wish her the best always!

  3. Wonderful things!! I have only done a buffet and 2 tables a few years ago. Very fun!!!Have a good vacation! JUDE