Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A card for Guy

 I took a class  at Zinnia in So. Pasadena, from Joe, teacher extraordinaire. We used cigar boxes, and affixed or hung paper dolls inside, like on a stage. I decorated the inside walls with  printed napkin paper, and  torn text.  I added a paper compass on a ribbon attached to Pierot's  (Guy's), hand. Then I added the bird nest and affixed a copper lion medallion.  Our kittiies' pictures are on both sides. Guy gave me real pearls for Christmas, so ,I had to add those too.  This is his "3d" birthday card! Hope you like it. Have a creative day!


  1. Leslie I love it! SO creative! I hope to see you tonight! ~lulu

  2. Very interesting. Reminds me a little like the gift you made me with all of the sewing stuff. I absolutely LOVE mine and look at every day!

  3. Thanks sis, I'm going to make some up for the store.