Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BooBoo, the kitty

I love my kitty so much, I can't stand it. He is the first pet of mine in my adulthood. I got him 10 years ago. I named him Coalbin, because he was gray.  He grew up and turned black, so I began to call him Booboo kitty, after Shirley Feenie's cat.

Booboo is smart. If the front and screen doors are closed,he  slams the screen door when he wants to come in.  When the front door is open, but the screen is closed, he jumps up and releases the door handle. If no one comes to the front door in a timely manner, he goes around to the window in our bedroom and cries to be let it.

He's a good hunter.  At first I was horrified when he brought  little critters to our welcome mat. Now,  it's kind of like a physiology  lesson. ground squirrels, lizards,  I'm sorry to say, birds.  Sometimes, I have to race him to the front door, because, he likes to bring them in the house.

I can't believe he's already 10 years old.  He's healthy and I hope he lives for 10  more years.