Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mom in Emergency Room in Anaheim

Here's my brave mom in the emergency room at a local Anaheim hospital, the afternoon she popped a wheelie( outside one of the hotels in Disneyland), in her electric cart, and broke her hip.

She's doing well. They gave her a new ball in her hip joint, and she's already walking. Her accident took place on Sunday.  Now she goes to rehab, then home with a walker for 6 months. She can't drive for 3 months, and It's gonna be a real challenge for all of us. She's 83 and very independent!!!!!

This is the spot were she flew through the air like Tinkerbell.


  1. Great photo's leslie! Still can't believe we saw her the dat before, but glad she is doing so well. Tell her she's a star on your blog and that we wish her a speedy recovery!!!

  2. ok, Honey. I will
    love you Guys, and hope Joe is feeling better!

  3. I can't imagine your Mom doing anything like Tinkerbell!!