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Friday, August 6, 2010

My surprise 60th.

I had  surprise party for my 60th birthday. My fabulous husband, Guy, set it up at our favorite Mexican restaurant, "Joselito's", in Tujunga, where we live.  My closest friends and precious family members were there. Guy prepared a beautiful slide
show with music. Almost everybody at the party  was in the show. Guy, for weeks before, scoured my office for all of my  photos. The party was so much fun, because, we all were screaming at each other," Look, look remember when we...."  The food was great and my mom got us a gorgeous  cake which read, "Happy Birthday Lulu and Guygee," our nicknames. I will be posting  party pics on and off.


  1. You look so cute! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Can you believe I stuck my finger in the cake? My hands were relatively clean.

  3. You stuck your finger in the cake, ewwww! Happy Birthday.

  4. I said my hands were clean. Anyway, most everybody was drunk anyway, so no one noticed.