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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today, a clothing boutique

I love having a booth. I can turn it, at anytime, into a living room, bedroom  or clothing boutique. I lay awake at night picturing what it's going to look like. I go to sales looking for just the right pieces to make a story. I've always liked telling stories in my work. I want vignettes to be accurately detailed. 
The fun of designing windows, in an antique mart, with many dealers, is that we can take from most booths, things that pertain to our design plan.  Of course, in my booth, I can't use other dealer's things, so I'm always looking out for "new" old.
linen torso with cluster of faux pearls and long crystal ropes.
I bought, at an estate sale, a custom measured  torso dress form, which I covered with vintage silk scarves and costume jewelry. I also attached a vintage apron with pockets, which I put in handkerchiefs.
I love this tole lamp. I made the shade, and hung more beads on the flowers.