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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dirty Crystals...

I bought two chandeliers at a sale. I brought them home, and  couldn't believe how dirty the crystals were. So, I took off every crystal 500 on each, and washed them. Then put them all back. What a daunting chore. It took me hours, and thanks to my husband, Guy, who devised a hanging system for drying, they are now  dry, bright and sparkling. I can't wait to get them rewired, and hanging in my booth!


  1. Hi Leslie! What beauties, the things we do for passion.
    Enjoy your day!~KarenSue

  2. OMG... i can't believe how dirty those things get... I bought one a while ago took me forever to clean I think the dirt had been in it since the 20"s!!
    can't believe you took the nest to sell... I have a lantern hanging on my porch and I have a nest in it. my girl friends think I put it in there!!xo

  3. Hi Leslie, Thank you so much for stopping by and following along with me. That chandy is a beauty. I don't know if I have the patience for removing 500 crystals and then putting them back... yikes! I'm so happy to follow along with you.

  4. Those are beautiful Leslie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. judy

  5. Hi Little Leslie! I know this helpful tip comes a bit late, but perhaps you can use this idea for the next piece that comes your way...

    Simply place a bunch of newspaper underneath your chandelier, and then grab a bottle of Windex and spray, spray, spray your heart out. The Windex will drip off the crystals, onto the newspaper, and it won't leave any streaks behind. And you'll be left with super shiny, pretty crystals!


  6. Oh my goodness how pretty they are! I hope it was worth your effort. They look amazing.