Monday, February 21, 2011

it was a rainy night...

When twirled, the candlelight moves on the ceiling  like the Aurora Borealis.
It was raining Friday night. My husband, Guy, and I turned off the lights  and lit the candle inside this wire and crystal bird house holder. We hung it from the ceiling.  It was so romantic. Guy played his guitar, and I sat in the big chair with our kitty on my lap.    I love our life!
Picture of Kitty on wall.

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  1. Leslie, good to hear from you. I know those squirrel's like to torment cats. I no longer have mine,but poor kitty. I really do like that birdcage light fixture and especially the Cat painting in the background! Just got back from a walkabout town and it's pretty warm, 75 degrees so far, loving this! Have a great day! judy