Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is a delicious Easter!

Guy surprised me  by getting these fantastically decorated  Easter cupcakes. We're going over to my mom's for dinner, and will scarf them up there. Can't wait. I'm on a cupcake tear and am trying cupcakes from every bakery I see.   It's a phase, and I can't wait til I'm over it. Neither can my heart doctor. JJ. Compliments of Merengue Bakery, Monrovia, Ca.


  1. Cute cupcakes and wonderful obsession.

  2. JJ! lighten up! Haha :)
    Cupcakes are a hot trend...and now I see Jello things all wiggly on t.v. something to do with the royal wedding...they call it jelly? hmmm...

  3. HOW FUN! Guy's a good......well, guy! HOPE THEY WERE DELICIOUS!

  4. Oooh, they look scrumptious!! Yum!!

    I think I've just about lived on cake and chocolate over the last few days!! And I still can't get enough!!!


  5. I know. What's up with the sweet teeth?
    Anyway, I gotta start eating healthily.