Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearing Wedding Time at Agoura

Maria and  I like our Booth at the Bridal Fair, so much, that we  re-created it at the mart.
We are having so much fun with  this "girlie" stuff. It makes shopping really fun.

vintage silk pumps with  shoe clips.

Look at  that  Pink dress on the mantel. OMG

Petticoats and bustiers  are so much fun.   

This mantel is slim and  compact. It would fit perfectly in a bedroom.


  1. Leslie, love the girlie stuff! ..... P. S. Not blogging due to difficulties. I can upload a pic but can't get it to post for the last few days. judy

  2. Oooeee!
    I'd love to have electricity in my booth...sure makes a difference. I love your girlie items!
    I have some nice old girls' dresses in our bedroom hanging on a mirror.

  3. I love all the "pomp and circumstance" going on in that booth. I'll just have to pop over there soon and see it in person. PS, thanks for all your sweet comments...the last one had me giggling!