Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crystal Cove, at Laguna Beach, Ca.

Gilfin fish up in right corner, half in shadow

Pelicans in formation.

migrating  Pelicans

seashore and  line of Pelicans

Tons of bunnies running around.

the quail were huge!

I had a  fabulous day at  Laguna Beach, last week. My friend, Marilyn, has a convertible Volvo, and we drove, top down, all along the Orange County coastline. We visited the tide pools, the parks, and the wetlands. We saw huge roadrunners, quail, bunnies, fish, sea anemones , cormorants, and pelicans, they are the ones flying in order. This was done in a 4 hour period. Everything  was inside the Crystal Cove Preservation park.  Just fabulous. I'm going back there next Friday.   Can't wait!
sea anemones. This  an underwater shot.
more pelicans
We think the pelicans  were migrating. We haven't seen that many of them, before.


  1. Boy that all looks so peaceful!!!
    I love California.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by. Love your little piece of blog heaven!! I live in Southern Cal. too! Huntington Beach! We walk every day (six miles) along the beach and I am always amazed by what I see.

    I will come back again and again.

  3. It looks like you had a very nice day. Wish I was there!