Monday, June 27, 2011

An Ode To My Husband and Plums

 I've been moving around most of my 60 year  life. I was born in the SF Bay area, and for my first 5 years, we moved  around in it  4 times.  My dad was a traveling salesman and every couple of years he got a new territory. Oklahoma was the furthest from California, we moved to.(pardon the bad grammar),  then settled in So.Ca.

   BFF's came late in life. I met my first real best friend  a little before high school. we're still best friends.

 While I was a young woman, I moved all around So. Cal. I lived in 12 different places and changed my lifestyle, like I changed my pantyhose.  I picked up another BFF in my 30's.  Again, we are still bests, so now that makes 3, including my husband, Now my bests have  husbands, and they are our bests, too.

   The reason for this tale? I was out picking plums and realized I'd been picking them for 10 years. 10 years. I've been married to my second husband  for 10 years. I've been the happiest I've ever been  for the last 11 years since I met him. My friends love him, my mom lives him, I love him. He bought this house before we knew each other, and somehow. picked  the best spot in the world for us.

Back to the plums. Last year, was a record plum picking season. I put up 36 jars of preserves. I gave away most to family and friends. I'm on my last jar, so timing is perfect.

  So, today, I've picked plums, and  later will make some preserves.  I will give out too many jars to too many friends and family, and hold onto 1 jar for next spring. That is, if my 60 year old back will let me.
Today was trash day.
The  trash guys were so surprised when they got bags of plums.

Last year I made almost 40 jars of preserves.
I gave away so many and have 1 little jar left for myself. This years crop  came just in time!
Have a great Monday!!!


  1. I'll trade you a jar of jam for a strawberry pincushion. :)

    They are for sale in my Etsy shop by the way.

  2. A nice tale of friends and plums! Hope I get to taste some.