Thursday, September 1, 2011

10' waves at Malibu

Went back to Malibu today, and there were 8-10' waves. The surfers and photographers were out in droves.  It was another glorious day, at the beach. However, the valley was over 100.  Hmmm;   valley?beach?, valley? beach....


  1. Yeah! I like the waves. Looks like a great day to be at the beach!

  2. Leslie, I love the beach and water. Was the water cold their? Last time I was in California in the summer, we couldn't take the cold water temp. Looks beautiful! judy

  3. The only Malibu I see s on" 2&1/2 Men"! It's beautiful! Sounds like u made some $$$$. Great day for u! hugs.... judy