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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Room

I got this floor to ceiling bookcase from my new best friend C.J.  He lives up the street from Guy and I and is an antique dealer too. I've bought, in the past, great stuff from his sales and he's bought stuff from mine. Now we just  trade stuff. No more money exchanges hands, because we always have what each other needs. My room has never looked this organized. I always had boxes on the floor, and stuff piled everywhere. This bookcase has changed my life. I hope everyone, in their lives,  has a person like C.J. !


  1. How lucky you are to know someone like that. That sounds like an excellent relationship - and the bookcase is superb.

    We've followed your lovely blog!

    The Relics Team

  2. Oh I love it when things work out well like this!

  3. You know, we have a couple of book cases that look just like these. Did you know there is treatment for that?