Monday, September 12, 2011

Cancer Benefit

I decorated this bottle for a  silent auction  given by a friend of mine. She is walking in the Susan Komen  walk, and this is a great way to get sponsored. The jar holds pearls, shells, words of wisdom and  crystals. Things that are valued.  Lately, I've been decorating bottles for specific occasions. 
 I like doing personalized gifts. I like to honor friends and/or events.  The last bottle I did was for my best friend's mom's 90 birthday.  It is pictured in a post, from last month.
Anyway, I hope someone bids on this "Jar of Good Wishes" and takes it home. 


  1. Such a pretty bottle Leslie and I love the label, chain and padlock too!I'm sure you will get lots of bids for it. Your Malibu photos are fantastic! Tracey x

  2. That's a great bottle Leslie. I love decorated bottles too. I am going to miss the holiday decorating for a booth.