Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

No Pictures this time. Just a list of who and what I'm thankful for;
My mom,
BooBoo Kitty,
Annie, Katy, Helene, Bob,  Jay and Patty,
Aunt Mitzi and family
Helen and  Carl,
Sissy and Joe,
Linda and Glenn, Karen and Lisa,
Bern and Jim and Aub,
Susan and Roland and Doris,
Jo, Dan and  family,
Frank and Pam,
Deedee and hubby
Alan and  Greg
Heidi and Cooch,
Michael and family,
Maria and Dave and family,
Cathy and Joann and Carole,
Paul and Joe,
Lisa and  Dick,
Sheryl and  Mike,
Jeff,  Laureen,  and Meggie and Leif,
Mary and  Perry
CJ and Marvin,
Jan and Marty,
Alan and Greg,
Dave and Renee and kids,
Lu and family,
Pat and Jim and  Alex,
Leslie and Greg,
Mandy, Ro, Nancy, Mike,
Terry and Steve, Lupe, Margie, Karen
Paulana and Steve and  Blanca,
Genie, Chris, and  Lorelee,
Zack and Sharon,
Todd, Tony, Maryann, Annie, Angela, Kelly, Alex, and
 Omg, I forgot your name tall guy.
Sara and  Our gang,
My blogging friends and followers,
The beauty of art, nature, music, laughter, friendship, giving,  and, love.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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