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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well, it finally arrived; our Open House at Agoura!

Our big push, for the last month, was to get the store lookin' like " Old St. Nick's  work shop".
We did it.  Yesterday was the big day, and  it was a screaming  success.  Here are some pics of my Christmas booths.;
I love the huge Eiffel Tower photo. It sold! yea!

I painted the booth dark gray to contrast with the white and silver accents.
  why did I wait so long.
 This is the best color my booth has ever been!

My Cowboy Christmas booth all decked out.

A Wallace silver plate punch bowl, tray and ladle.

Love those santas

The map came from the estate of the person who
supplied antiques to  the ". It is from the 1800s
 and  depicts railroad routes and shipping lanes.
The  industrial  cart shelves pull up and the sides close in.

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