Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles revisited

I need to go downtown again.  These pictures are from the last foray.  Maybe this time I'll go to Japan town or China town.  Lots of great stuff to buy, and good food.
 Herb case in a Chinese herbalist's store

Natural Viagra ?

remember the ads for Pearl Cream?

Just  one of the  great "Mercados"

I love this building

Also love these old hotel signs

The seedy side of town.

Fabulous old English Tudor style printing  shop,
The building is still open.


  1. Gotta love downtown LA! So much to see and do, and beautiful pictures everywhere you turn....right? It's like that in NYC too, which we are headed for in April. Great pictures Les!

  2. Love the pictures of downtown. Gotta watch out for those horney goats tho!

  3. Only been to L.A. once. Love the photos! The hotel signs are pretty cool. .............jude