Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I was robbed

Today, while I was working in my booth, a young man came up and engaged me in some  conversation. He was acting a little strange, but I didn't  really think about it until he turned around, grabbed my Iphone  just 3 feet away from me and ran. I chased after him and he jumped into a waiting van. I got their license plate number and called the police. They came out and   took a report. I had many witnesses who saw the  guy in the store and the vehicle outside.  Not a good day for the thieves. I was lucky it was only an Iphone, but I'm pissed off that this guy had the need to come in to a crowded store and steal  right out in the open(from me), and who knows who else.  I took care of what I needed to do, so everything is ok.
This dress has nothing to do with this post.


  1. Les, I hear this alot in stores. Sorry this man will ruin your trust in people. Makes me mad that hard working people are hurt by bums like this. .............. hugs jude

  2. Geez! I hope you get your phone back and the guy goes to jail!! So sorry.