Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mary and I took a walk ...

shed at the corner of a house
Mary, Henry, and I took a  walk around my neighborhood. My little town, Tujunga, Ca., used to be a weekend fishing and hunting get away.  Many houses, here, are very small (700-900 sq. ft.) . Most of them, now, are  family homes.  The architecture, like most old towns, is all over the place. Enjoy!


I met the owner of this house. She mosaic-ed
 this path to her front door.

Right next to the little mosaic cottage is this
big beautiful house

Mary, Henry and  her dream house.

The  enchanted house at the end of my street.
It is behind a tall wall, but  very inviting.
 I wish  I knew the owner. I'd love to see inside.

Halloween would be so fantastic  here.

We are up in the hills, and I tell you, this was a steep climb.

This  compound was one of the first "Country Inns" in Tujunga.
 Probably around the 20's.
I got to go inside and it was really fabulous. 


  1. I love that mosaic path and those lovely yellow flowers there too! Thanks for showing us your beautiful neighbourhood, the houses look wonderful! Tracey x

  2. Gorgeous indeed! I think I have been to Tujunga. Lovely.

  3. What a wonderful place. Great photos.