Monday, May 21, 2012

Painting vintage concrete animals is fun!

 Guy and I bought this concrete bear. All 4 feet were off, and it was just plain grey.  Guy glued on the front feet, and I molded, in plaster of paris, the back feet. Then I  painted the base coat with plaster  paint. On top of that, I did the  face and  fur in regular acrylic outdoor paint. After all was done, I spray coated with clear lacquer.  It was really fun painting. I also painted the grey pelican. It will be in the front window of Agoura Antique Mart.    If these animals sell,  I might  be in the business of refurbishing  garden art.
 That's what I love about life,  in a moment's notice a new opportunity can open ... I hope it will!

plaster back feet.

I went on Google images and  looked at dozens of pics of bears to capture the face.

I wasn't sure if bears have pink or black tongues. They have pink.

baby  bear in the booth.

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Also fun to paint.


  1. great job girl...they look so real!! Have a great week Leslie! See you soon, xok

  2. That bear has such a cute expression on his face - not fierce at all! He'd make me smile every time I walked past him!