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Monday, May 14, 2012

Things are selling...

I  redid both my booths again, because things are selling!!! Yoohoo! 
I brought in  an old Arts and Crafts large desk with
with my "Bank Money
Bag" Pillows as seen  on lower shelf of desk

I sold the single window frame, so brought in the double
hinged one. I also am letting  go of some of my white pottery
 collection, on the mantel.
Not  such a good photo, but  she's lookin' pretty springy
i  her designer Scaasi dress and wide brimmed hat.

I love this dress. Very light  and 50's looking, which she is.

This chiffon number is the perfect dress for going to a wedding.


  1. your shop is so beautiful i just love it great work so so proud of you

  2. Hey girl~great to hear things are selling~ love those arched windows!!
    PS come to sell at my sale!!! Email me at