Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now, for some more of Huntington.... The hits just keep on comin'

This gallery holds so many things that I love.
 Gainsborough's Pinkie and Blue Boy are hung here.
There's a fabric panel and upholstered chair designed by William Morris (one of the father's of the  Arts and Crafts era).  Wedgewood blue, etc.
The chandelier ,in the main hall, shines brighter than I've ever seen. It does not translate in these photos. As you can see, everything  has  gorgeous detail. 
Gold leaf abounds

Petit point chairs were in each room.

table detail

the  top of an urn

This chandelier  is magnificent!

Pinkie, I know, I took  a lousy picture.

Blue Boy

Stained glass church window

Wm. Morris print

love this Wm. Morris chair

Some of the first  Majolica made

Sterling silver flatware set

Inlaid tables

I forget who this woman is, sorry

Ahhh... Wedgewood blue. How do ya like  these, Laureen?


  1. I love the Huntington Library...especially the gardens! Everything must have been in bloom! See you soon Leslie...

  2. Love the Huntington! Lots of good things to see. Lots of history.