Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1950's U.S. Army Military Police Communications Trailer

This U.S.Army trailer  is from  the 1950's,  and was most likely in Korea.
These compartments make it easy to convert this trailer into a bar.
this  cart has  a lid that locks. And  also comes with a set of aerials for receiving radio transmission.
New tires, make it easily maneuverable.
I bought this really cute military trailer at an estate sale. It has compartments, so I thought it might make a really fun  home bar. OR maybe  it could be  made into a bar-b-que. Anyway, it was a pain to get it to my booth. But with the help of  a couple of great people, we got it off the truck and into the store.

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  1. Omg Leslie, only you could come up with that... Genius!!!