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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tin House

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yesterday, I took a class at Zinnia, in S. Pasadena.  I did this Tin Christmas house.
The teacher was Paul Murray, funny funny man and fantastic artist. HE teaches  doll making  with vintage doll heads and powder and spice tins.  Check out his blog:
 I used tin snips to cut out pieces from   cookie tins. Then punched holes in both pieces and used rivets to put together. The "25's" were glued on with jewelry glue.  So, it's really easy to assemble. If you don't have a rivet hole punch, just use an awl. push the rivet into the holes, and use a hammer to smash them down.  Connie, take Paul's class. It was great fun!


  1. Great job Leslie! I love it.
    I'm off to visit his blog.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  2. ~*~*LOVE your tin house!! So charming and fun!!Hugs, Rach~*~*

  3. Nice looking little house. It almost looks like a slot machine!

  4. leslie i love it!! i want one!! it is charming... i keep missing you at the ant mart...

  5. How cool and quirky is this? Brilliant!

    I'm intrigued as to how it's put together. Do we get any further information on your design genius?!!

  6. Thanks for all of your comments. I edited the above post, for directions.

  7. Leslie, Leslie, Leslie.....what am I going to do with you? You house turned out GREAT, and I loved having you in the class! Taking classes is fun, huh? You were my BEST STUDENT b.t.w.!

  8. Thanks Paulie, I loved it too. I went out and bought tins, rivets and E6000 glue. I'm gonna do many more houses.