Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remnants of a good show...

Well,  my friends, Cathy and  Carol, and I drove  3 hours to go to the "Remnants of the past" antique show, and boy were we disappointed.  We stood in the sun, in line for 2 hours waiting for only 1 shuttle to take us 2 miles to the site. Veterans of the show, said this was a first.   They usually park at the site, but , because of the article in Country Living, the show was overwhelmed.  Once  we got into the venue, we couldn't  move. It was so packed with people, and the booths so close together, you couldn't see a thing.  I was  ready to spend, spend, spend.  I worked my fanny off, the week before, at a  flea market, to make  money for this show. In 2 hours, I only bought 3 things. And... God forbid if we were hungry. The line for food took about an hour. We decided to leave, and were grateful that it took only 15 minutes wait time for the shuttle back to our car.
The high light of the day was a steak sandwich at "Jocko's" in Nipomo.  Yum.  We all had the same thing. This sandwich was so big, and only $12. I took half home, and, this morning, made steak and eggs.

Anyhow, here are pics of our wait for the shuttle, in the barn at the show, with Cathy and our Jocko's lunch, along with pics of my purchases.

I love this industrial lamp with it's vintage " girdle shade". Perfect for the wedding booth!

Ignore the tv tray and focus on the  French Fries sign in two wooden  pieces. 

This morning, we went to the PCC flea market, and found 3 of these flat bottle holders. I think these are awesome, because they don't take up a lot of space.
Now, I'm not unhappy with the vendors. They had lovely things and prices were ok, but  let's hope  Judy can work out the problems she had, this time,  before the next show.


  1. I'm always torn between wanting events to be really successful so there will be great vendors, and feeling frustrated that there are so many people!!! I want the best of both worlds, don't I?!! I love that lamp too. So cool!


  2. Leslie , the background of mountains is beautiful. Wow, that shuttle ride didn't sound so good. Sorry it was so crowded. I like the girdle lampshade and the steak!!! I guess you will have more money for the next show. It was 85 yesterday and today for some reason is pretty cool. In a few days back to the 80's. Have a great day! judy

  3. How frustrating... I hope you have better luck next time!

    Warm blessings,